the rose bushes are starting to fill in
sunsets glow in shades of pink, yellow and orange
an evening class is coming to an end
the days are hot and the nights are chilly
the shop has been updated, more to come
not muffins, but scones were baked twice this week...they were that good

play day
On Sunday I did a photo shoot for this sweet family of three. Our time in the park overflowed with playfulness and laughter. I love that they brought a big pink ball and that mom and dad were up for going down the slides, sometimes all three together, and that piggybacks were given and bare feet ran through the grass, kisses were plentiful and we were all happy to follow those teeny tiny feet over bridges and down slides to capture the genuine happiness and love that is this family.


{01.21 to 01.26}


Miz.November said...

Oh, what I would give for some warm days and sunshine. I miss spring and await its arrival here with much anticipation.

Marshall Lynch said...

this little girl was so pretty.i like her smile.
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Will Write 4 Food said...

Hey! I saw your blog share on the Promo forum and was dropping in to wave and say hello! Thanks for sharing, and I hope to see you around the blogs!


Tiffany Will Write 4 Food

Bounty said...

Very very very nice pictures :D!