burnt oatmeal
The scent of burnt oatmeal wafted through the house today. Hermie forgot all about it cooking on the stove when the garbage man distracted him into a barking frenzy, hence the burning...then I was cranky all afternoon...Happy New Year!

ha ha

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Christine E-E said...

those caramels look yummy!
can't believe such a "sweet face" would choose barking over eating!

Odds and All said...

That's funny, Happy New Year!

Miz.November said...

Oh, Hermie. Bless his little forgetful heart. ;)
Those flowers are so pretty. Like little white dresses.

Patricia PacJac Carroll said...

Happy New Year,
Like your pics.

cabin + cub said...

oh hermie! ho could you be mad at that little face. ;)
happy new year!

Mom said...

Hermie needs more cooking lessons...

Sarah Knight said...

I hope it's a Happy New Year!