more than five
today when I was making a pear cranberry crisp I wished for ten more baking days,
but was oh so grateful for this one...
a rescued chair that is in the process of getting a whole new life, a delicate sparkly
thread has been unearthed
tangerine season is the very best, not one should ever be wasted..
beautiful packages arriving in the mail daily, I thought this one for the kitties would
be okay to post since only Hermie reads the blog
tomato vanilla jam? yes it is and it is delicious
a fabulous trade with my friend Raychel from Fruition Jewelry, feeling so lucky
to have crossed paths with her last spring...I love this ring
Unique LA was absolutely amazing! The long nights, early mornings, and a house,
husband, three kitties and one dog covered in glitter are so worth it. To wrap up
goodies for people to give as gifts or sell cards that will be mailed to loved ones or
package up sparkly acorns for tree upon tree, it feels quite wonderful.

Thank you to everyone who visited and shopped at my table, Sonja for dreaming up
Unique, my favorite table neighbor Sasha Bell and Mom and Case, I could not and
would not want to do all of this without you two! xo

{12.11 to 12.16}


Meeling said...

Yum! That crisp looks so good!
Glad you had fun at the show...glitter and all!

Miz.November said...

Getting handmade items in the mail is the best. That's one of the reasons that I order from Etsy so often.
Love the photo of the nectarine.

Sarah Knight said...

Congrats on your event!
The cranberry pear crisp looks very tasty!

led screen said...

very beautiful!