I have a cutter with a gigantic blade, like the old kind from elementary school workrooms that people tell you to be careful around because it could cut your fingers off. All is well today, it was yesterday that I was cutting and my brain didn't realize my left hand went in to adjust the paper while my right hand was already in motion. Nothing was cut off,  just a disgusting deep cut that sounds worse than it looks and makes friends and family cringe when I tell them what happened.

All  that cutting was in preparation for the Queen Bee Market which begins this evening and goes through tomorrow, so if you're in the San Diego area come visit, shop, and say hello to me and my bandaged hand.

new! Itty bitty sterling silver post earrings, so cute, I want to keep them all for myself.

more new stuff!! Festive tags for gifties, soon to be added to the shop.

*see my guest post on caramel peanut butter apples, recipe included*

{11.10 to 11.12}


PonderandStitch said...

Omg, you poor thing!!! And, yes, that story made me cringe...did you get stitches then?? Yikes- you HAVE to be careful with those things. lol

p.s. I wish I could come to San Diego and meet you!

Meeling said...

Those things are dangerous. Hope you heal up fast and have fun at the show.

Cute tags too...love em!

Stacey said...

Just a few stitches. :)

The show tonight was great, looking forward to tomorrow.

Sarah Knight said...

Ouch! Just remember to keep it clean!
I have an ancient paper cutter too! The school had to get rid of it because it doesn't have some safety feature — and it's the old style with the really heavy blade.

It sits on the floor, so I tend to kind of sit on it when I'm cutting paper some times... some years ago I accidentally knicked the end of my big toe with the blade — so, I know your pain.

Best of luck at the Queen Bee Market!

the teacup chronicles said...

hardcore crafter! :)

Clare said...

aww, it always happens at the worst possible time, too.

Hope you did well at the craft fair. In the meantime, I am drooling over your gorgeous photography!

Tali Schiffer said...

Sorry to hear about your hand. Hope you're all better now...
Your x-mas items are so great!!

Miz.November said...

Ahhhhck! Just the thought of that injury is making me shiver with pain. Bless your heart. Hope you heal up soon.

Diana said...

Yikes! Frowny face is right!

Those tags are completely adorable.

our little love nest said...

Ouchie!! Hoping your poor hand is alright now. Wishing I lived out your way so I could have visited the Queen Bee Market. Your work looks so fun! xo

knack said...

boo.....so sorry about your hand! I am always a little nervous when using the saws....it's amazing how your mind goes into relaxed mode and your hands are doing there own thing:)

all of the tags and new products look fantastic!

need some gift tags!