oh yes I did
...on this day of Halloween I got out the holiday bedding.
It felt funny, but I know that tonight when the last trick-or-treater skips away I will snuggle up in layers of green and red and wake up in November.

Introducing a new version of the golden acorns, these are snow-kissed and sparkly like the first frost and available in the shop. (holidays and winter on my mind!!)

Hope your weekend was truly lovely, crisp and cozy. I was barely out of my slippers on Saturday and it could not have been more perfect! Happy Halloween!!

{10.29 to 10.31}


lilmamad said...

Even though I'm an ardent believer in not bringing out the Christmas stuff 'til around Thanksgiving, I have to admit that reading about curling up in red and green kinda made me want to find something Christmasy to curl up in! :)

Meeling said...

Love the bedding!
Hope you woke up feeling all "Holiday-ish" this morning! ;-)

Miz.November said...

That bedding is so pretty. I'm feeling the same way. Actually, my last post was about missing snow. Not normal for me.

aquariann said...

Lovely post! Your holiday bedding is pretty and the puppy oh so cute!! ^.^