For the next few days Autumn is visiting. Today she brought fog, chilly air, rain soaked streets, fallen leaves, and an all around coziness.  {10.4}

a family
Sometimes you are lucky enough to meet people who literally make the sun shine, like the adorable family I met up with on Sunday. It was a particularly gloomy day but that didn't take away from their natural glow.
From the tips of their stylish shoes to the tops of their sun kissed heads, pure joy. {10.3}

...the last of the summer garden  {10.2}
...Ladybug taking an afternoon bath on Friday, it was pretty darn cute  {10.1}


knack said...

your leaf pictures are gorgeous! Love the lighting and the rich brown and gold tones.

what a sweet family......the pictures are so natural.


Tali Schiffer said...

Looks like Fall indeed... That family looks great and I love the photos. You're right, they are so joyful and bright that I can't tell it was actually a gloomy day!

The Bostroms said...

thank you!!!!!!!!!! i love them stacey - i am soooooo excited to see the rest!!! :) you were wonderful, thank you so much!!

our little love nest said...

Oh how I love the Autumn colours in these shots!! What a gorgeous family!! xo
p.s.Ladybug's eyes are an incredibly beautiful green almost the same as Jadite glass from the 40's.

M.M.E. said...

What a cheerful family. I wish my cat had taken weekly baths.

Julie said...

What sweet family photos!

Erika Peterson said...

CUTE little kiddo!

Colours of my life said...

your photos are amazing ! and what a sweet family life !

charmeddesign1012 said...

These photos are just great, they have really brightened my day! Found you on the etsy forum, please come visit my blog: