yesterday + today may0610_1 may0710_1 may0610_2 may0710_2
a fresh haircut
waiting in line at the post office
helping Case pick out new glasses
Hermie drop off
delicious dinner out
mesmerizing play at Balboa Park
sweet take out from here
too tired to eat my dessert decorated in pink rose petals
sleep and dreams of chocolate confections
a bite or two of cake with breakfast
water for the garden
and Friday begins... ...
: : Barbara at knack did a delightful feature on my cards yesterday, thank you!! : :
{5.06 to 5.07}


our little love nest said...

WOW! These are really fun and pretty! I am loving the coffee cup! Hoping you get lots of rest this weekend & hoping it is super lovely! Thanks for sending me confetti today! :)

knack said...

love the fantastic photos......numbers, chocolate and flowers.....can't get much better than that:)

thank you for the link love!

happy weekend!


kelli g. { bug miscellany } said...

loove these photos. :)

cabin + cub said...

mmmm.. dreams of chocolate confections.. i think i have been having those a lot lately. ;)

sinnlighet said...

I just want to tell you that I like your blog, it's incredibly inspiring.
I would also like to leave a footprint after me & Sweden, and will welcome you to my blog.