saturday + sunday
a mixture of... babysitting, gardening, park giggling, monkey bread baking, snack serving, couch potatoing, bathtime splashing, kabob eating, bedtime story reading, Hermie fetching, nose blowing, caramel apple eating, hulk and diego playing, picture taking, piggyback ride giving, sweeping, scooby doo watching, and firepit warming
How was your weekend?
{5.15 to 5.16}


Lex said...

Just discovered your blog, and it's beeeeautiful!


DK said...

Eeee! Teeny Hippo!

our little love nest said...

with you on the nose blowing...aaack...allergies that may now be a cold/flu in my little world this weekend. I love monkey bread!

That hippo reminds me of a commercial we had in Canada
So cute!

Happy week to you! xo

Miz.November said...

Your weekend sounds great! Mine consisted of taking the hubby to have his wisdom teeth cut out. Fun!

knack said...

man your weekend sounds like fun! :)

....lovin the hippo photo.....it is the best!


Anonymous said...

love your hippo! He is so cute!!!


erin said...

oh my goodness. the hippo. so cute.

April said...

my weekend:
hoop-dancing, yoga, spring dresses, drawing with sidewalk chalk, making coconut macaroons... just lovely.

I love ur photos... made u a flickr contact ♥