hello december0809_1 december0809_2 Something new hanging on the wall, inspiration, motivation...but it's still okay to waste time sometimes.
...... december0809_3 Ornament exchange...made, packaged and sent, phew, wasn't sure I was going to make it on time this year.
...... december070809_1 {oops, one of the cards from Unique snuck into the washing machine}
Dad brought me California style acorns...thinking of something festive to do with them (thank you, Dad)
...... december0709_1
I bought it for myself at Unique, then Tiny Dancer danced all over it before I got to wear it, tiny paw prints are pretty, too.
...... december0709_2 Shhhhhh, did a little Christmas shopping, top secret.
...... december0609_1 This is it, the table, the product, hours of glitter, glue, thread, acorns, resin... Martha Stewart and Elf playing in the background, neglected kitties and Hermies... luckily it was wonderful, all worth it!!
I shared a booth with my friend, the very lovely Sasha of Sasha Bell Jewelry, her work is modern, completely original and beautiful. If you're looking for a unique piece visit her shop here, or see her in person at the Bazaar Bizarre in San Francisco.
Thank you to every single person who came by my table, that is the very best feeling to meet people who love and appreciate your work. Felt like a bit of a rock star for a teeny tiny minute on Saturday.
...... december050609_1 A tree dripping in glittered acorns, so many found new homes that day.
...... december0409_1 Friday night, after setting up for Unique, just Mom and I having the most delicious of dinners in a little restaurant in the fashion district, chatting, listening, laughing, buses passing and watching the people across the street working away in their studio late into the evening. (Thank you, Mom, xoxo.)
{12.4 to 12.8...time seems to be moving faster these days}


Knotted Nest said...

Wow that sounds like a lovely day! You're table display looks awesome and the Time Waster image is definitely something I should hang in my house!

Great post.

erin said...

love all the colors!

Miz.November said...

I have never seen acorns like those. How neat.
Your table looked really sweet.

our little love nest said...

Love those cool acorns and loved sneaking a peek into your world. You are too fun! In my mind your photography is in the realm of rock star goodness!! Love this post...visually inspiring! Loved the photos of your booth...it looks awesome!

Sarah Knight said...

looks wonderful : )

mrs boo radley said...

Love all the details.

And most of all I love that you love your parents so much.

Alicia said...

i love your don't waste time photos.... with the reflection. perfection! now i want that poster too!!!