pie baking november1309_1 Hermie snoring
extra blanket layering
shipping packages, navy blue knit ugg wearing
glittering acorns while Martha Stewart watching
warm green tea latte with whipped cream drinking
flannel bottoms in the evening, at the computer, sitting
pie for dinner (enjoying!)
What kind of weather are you having?


neilwaukee said...

i made a pie today and had a tea party with kids, only we used hot chocolate~

too young for tea~

nice pix

Miz.November said...

The weather has been so beautiful here! There are no leaves on the trees, but the air is so clear and everything is so bright.

cabin + cub said...

oh the weather here is so horrible.... heavy rain, dark grey skies. the weather people are saying it is because of the "pineapple express", but there is nothing warm and tropical about it at all :(
i could hunker down and eat that whole pie on a day like this.

kadee said...

Chilly, made chillier by the shortened daylight hours... Wish I had some pie!!

californiablue said...

The pie looks scrumptious! It has actually gotten pretty chilly here - I could see my breath this morning! Thankfully I put on our flannel sheets last night :)