8.11.......a celebration of Laguna Beach artists, some of my favorites here and here.
atop a mountain august07to1009_3 august07to1009_2 august07to1009_1
8.7 to 8.10....A six hour road trip and Case and I arrived at his childhood vacation home in Mammoth Lakes. Four days...beginnning with p0wer lines, desert beauty, volcanic rocks, cows, hikes, sky, fresh air, wild flowers, wind, patches of snow, waterfalls, family, peanut butter pie, lakes, sunscreen, fishing, ducks, sunshine, puffy clouds, trail mix, deer, ice cold water, fruit smoothies, bald eagles, a 2.75 lb trout, pine trees, ice cream, and ending with gorgeous mountain memories.


Anonymous said...

Nice shots. I like the rooftop best. The list is amazing--you had me at peanut butter pie :)

our little love nest said...

Okay now that sounds like a dream!! xoxo

kiddlebug said...

Love the roof shot...and the rest too for that matter!

Doreen said...

Dear Stacey,

I had a great synchronicity (or something!) with this post. I am just seeing this post, now, today.
Yesterday, I had a flash memory of attending this art festival in 1976 or 1977. When I had the thought, I wondered why it came up!! ('couldn't remember the name of it)Now, today I see your post!! I couldn't believe it!! Wow. The Laguna Art Festival!!
Happy Anniversary, Too!!