the days before summer
june131409_1 june131409_2
6.13 to 6.14  Case is making german chocolate pancakes as I post this . . . mmmmm. If I have the energy I have a couple new projects I'd like to start today, but then again doing nothing is sounding really appealing right now. 


Sarah Knight said...

beautiful & perfect for summer!
: )

Felix and Jayne said...

these pictures are delightful! thanks for sharing!

mrs boo radley said...

ahhh. doing nothing. better than pretty much everything.

or something.

cabin + cub said...

mmm... chocolate pancakes! you are lucky! (as i am eating my cold cereal right now)

i can't wait until the first day of summer! hooray!

californiablue said...

Gorgeous photography....just makes you happy :)