up all night
In preparation for the show coming up I have had some very late nights...found myself longing to climb back in bed all afternoon, but resisted the soft, cuddly, bird chirping, Hermie snuggling temptation and continued working. 
*blue blossom earrings are from you're a dreamboat, so cute, a little something I got to celebrate spring*


our little love nest said...

Best wishes on the upcoming show and hopefully a lot of good rest tonight! I love the little hair clips like your ear rings.

mrs boo radley said...

Sweet earrings!

I love the word dreamboat.


Miz.November said...

I love your sheets. I would want to curl back up in them, too. Good luck.

Erin said...

i, too, love your sheets! i have those same earrings in dark blue. love them!
p.s.- love your blog. i am glad you found mine so i could then find yours!

cabin + cub said...

sometimes i feel like curling into bed in the mid afternoon too (I must have been a cat in my former life).

cute earrings, btw!

Leisa said...

stacey- thanks for commenting on my blog! I am quite impressed with you dedication to a DAILY journal! It's awesome. Maybe someday I'll have that kind of dedication:)

Estela said...

Good luck with the upcoming show!!
comfy beds & cuddly creatures are always the pitfall when preparing for a show! haha
thanks for showing off the earrings!!