hello, january
Been all through the house organizing, cleaning out, putting away, shredding, writing lists... this first day of January has inspired me to get moving with what needs to be done already! 
*self-portrait thursday pic + the comfy cowl is from TangentDesigns, I met Mindy at the UNIQUE show and haven't stopped wearing it since*


Angelia said...

I have been on the same quest. Looking forward to a new year and many new ideas.

Kiiss said...

Me too. ^__^

Happy New Year!!

StunningAnnaK said...

What a cute photo!


Nicole said...

Me Too!

P.S such an adorable photo

Dayzee Love said...

Hi Stacey,

You're only the 5th Stacey I've ever met, one of whom was a boy! ;)

You're definitely the first that's said that they've been mistaken for Daisy before too!

Hehehehe, I'm wondering if you have an accent too! Nice to meet you! :)

melissa said...

what a GORGEOUS cowl!! i love the yarn!!

knitsational said...

I just love all the new year orginization. Time to clean this cluttered mess up a bit!

love the pic, btw.

andrea said...

Great photo! That cowl looks really cozy, thanks for stopping by my blog.

tangent.designs said...


I am updating my etsy shop and was wondering if I could use this photo in a listing for the raspberry cowl. I could put a link to your site, noting you were the photographer.

Let me know what you think.