begin again...
The new year marks the one year anniversary of my blog. It started out as a mac blog and I didn't know how realistic it would be to post a picture a day, and sometimes it wasn't possible, so the collages were developed to show the pictures I had taken on the days I was away. I have some new ideas for the blog and hope to expand my business adventure in 2009. I'll post a list of things I plan to accomplish in 2009 as I did for 2008 in the next few days. One thing I know I would like to work more on this year is people photography, a photojournalistic approach to everyday encounters.                                                                                                                                                  
12.30  Wild Animal Park
I love this quick shot of my sister, Pam, entering the park under the fake snow, surrounded by lights and delighted children. 


Vanessa said...

Happy anniversary to your blog! Great pictures!!

afiori said...

Happy, happy new year and happy anniversary!!
I'm about to write my 100th post, also a sort of anniversary!

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Sarah said...

Happy blog anniversary =) and new year too!

I like the photo of your sister too! Very intriguing

designsbyone said...

wow! what a GREAT shot :)