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...in June.

Lately I have been pretty homebound, not complaining at all since it is to care for Hermie after his surgery (notice all the Hermie instagrams, I'm a little obsessed). Plus I just got the Snapster app and like the rainbowy filter very much. He is doing well, had his best day yet today which is probably why I am on the computer after many days away. Feeling a little lighter, not such a pit in my stomach wondering if he is in pain.

In the meantime I've discovered...
...the trailer for Welcome to the Bathtub (just the trailer alone is amazing I cannot wait for the movie)
...that Lena Dunham is fearless and a genius
...knitting in the June feels like a head start on the holiday season
...that some people dip oreos in peanut butter and I need to try this
...the yard needed lots of love, so I've been working on it for days

A list of projects to complete, an Etsy shop to tend to and good days ahead to enjoy. Very much looking forward to starting summer. 

6.6 to 6.12


memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

Great photos :)
Glad your little guys is feeling better. I'm a homebody too. But with the gorgeous weather, I hope you're able to get out and enjoy it :)

Chantal Loves Vintage said...

I hope Hermioe feels better soon, I loved all your photos, very eye catching!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad the surgery went well and you now have such a positive outlook! The photos are great as usual. TFS

sweet harvest moon said...

Oreos in peanut butter? Now we are talking ;p

I'm glad your dog is feeling better


Febriyan Adi Nugraha said...

very nice photo :)

tom@morethanpepper said...

love the cake shot