eggs + a bow tie

The leftover paper towels are usually my favorite thing from the egg coloring. I don't like eggs and they never turn out as pretty as Martha's. So this year I put watercolor paper out to lay the eggs on once they've come out of the dye. The eggs will be eaten up in a few days and are stinking up the 'fridge but my lovely piece of art is hanging on the wall.
Hermie wore a ridiculously large tie today. I clearly did not do any measurements or make a plan except that I was going to make him a tie for Easter dinner. He liked it so much he growled when I took it off.

4.7 to 4.8


knack said...

gorgeous pictures as always....and hermie is the handsomest in his tie....love it so much! He is totally giving the "sideways serious stare" in this shot! hah!

A la Maison said...

Hermie is adorable! Great photos!!

Miz.November said...

Hermie is such a ham. Adorable little man. My friend used to have a little yorkie that would carry his bandana to you and whine for you to put it on him.
The watercolor paper was a cool idea. It does leave such a pretty mess.