playing house

About a week ago a box marked "Doll House Stuff" emerged from the attic my parents are cleaning out.
It is a collection that began with my older sister and me and was passed on and added to by our little sister,
a collection of our childhoods of sorts.
The items in the box are mismatched and silly from the "people" to the sizes and style of furniture. My sisters and I never saw Star Wars as children yet we have a very well loved Storm Trooper who mingled easily with the fireman, three Larry babies, a mermaid, Pokey and everyone else.
The mermaid is a favorite, as soon as I saw her I couldn't believe I had forgotten her. Thinking of doing some prints using these misfit toys who fit perfectly into our imaginations so many years ago.

Thank you Mom and Dad for keeping this box of treasures.

March's pie was baked tonight...posting the recipe and photographs tomorrow. (Twelve Pies in 2012)

3.29 to 3.31


kadee said...

this post has made me immensely happy

ana said...

these are so wonderful! what great things to rediscover. i totally have the same fisher price baby with the one lonely curl. hah. :)

Kennedy Ink said...

I had the same mermaid, the same storm trooper, and the same baby in the cradle. But what prompted me to comment was that I am amazed you didn't see Star Wars as kids. Amazed.