to the lion city...

Twenty four hours after leaving our house we arrived in Singapore! With two days to myself while Case attended a conference I explored the city and found that every single building has a mall inside and an endless eating area with stalls of every possible food. It was exciting and overwhelming. The people are kind and helpful, as everyone had told me it is the safest city you will visit, and yes, it was. I drank milo dinosaurs and fresh watermelon juice and took in the mixture of skyscrapers and jungle wilderness. Found Bread Society and proceeded to visit many more times.
 I wanted to take this little guy and his adorable kneecaps and ears home with me, so cute!!

We visited the Singapore Zoo and Night Safari. They were both magnificent! We walked in an exhibit with free flying fruit bats and marveled at them munching away on fruit right in front of us. Otters squealed at us in a singsongy way. Monkeys played freely above us and I fell in love with slow loris and the popcorn scented binturong. Case and I patiently waited for the giant flying squirrels to fly but alas they just wouldn't when we were watching!

Two days on Bintan Island...a little resort getaway in Indonesia. We were spoiled with homemade pastries, sunny skies, sand dollars and shells along the shore, watermelon rice, sleeping in, pool lounging and plenty of time to rest up for a couple more days in Singapore before heading home.
Back in Singapore we explored Little India, Chinatown, saw more sites, walked, MRTed and found places like Tip Top Puff and the Riverwalk.
 Treasures from Bintan Island. I was very careful to make sure it was okay to take these lovely souvenirs.

Since coming home I have slept, slept some more, done laundry, gone to the movies, ate pancakes and in n out, taken two long afternoon naps, walked Hermie, watched the Oscars with my family, enjoyed Mom's tuna + noodles and started to sort through the many pictures and video we gathered along the way.

So nice to be home. Hermie, Tuna, Ladybug and Tiny Dancer were happy, too, as were my parents who took care of all the kitties and Hermie! Thank you Mom and Dad. ♡♡♡

2.15 to 2.26


Lostlemonade said...

How awesome an opportunity! Your pictures are super. Thanks for sharing them with us.

Marilyn (Pulp Sushi) said...

These pictures are amazing, looks like it was a wonderful time!

cabin + cub said...

Oh the trip looks amazing! I am truly getting vacation envy right now looking at your pics. ;)

Stacey said...

Thank you so much. :) It really was quite nice and I find myself thinking about it often since returning home...

Amanda said...

Such beautiful photography!!

cranny + b said...

welcome home! Oh, your pictures make me want to go back to Singapore so very, very, very badly. ( Did you know my sister Barb was born there?! ) My parents were missionaries there in the 70's but still go back often to visit their friends. I was able to go with them on three different trips and just think the city-state is pretty close to heaven. Aside from the horrific humidity and heat, that is! : ) So glad that you had a nice time!

Miz.November said...

Wow. That's all I can say. Wow. Sounds and looks like it was an amazing trip. And how cool to be in a place safe enough to explore on your own?