sunday night post

A little Hermie face in the bed. One of his (and my) very favorite places to be.
February has brought the whispers of tulips growing, tulips we picked out in Holland and shipped here just last Spring. If only the critters don't eat them up.

A new month a new set of goals...a new book to choose, this one was heartbreakingly fascinating, I see there is a whole series of oral histories on different topics so possibly I will work my way through them all.

Yes, another pie..so soon? Well February is awfully short and I was in the mood for chocolate pie. Will post a slice and recipe tomorrow. (twelve pies in 2012!)

Today my family kissed goodbye one of our kitties, a very dear kitty, especially to my mom. He was the one who woke her up with a gentle paw and talked to her throughout the day. When I would call Mom in the morning and ask what she was doing she would often say having a shnug with Wheetie. He loved a catnip cigar and to nestle up in my hair and purr. We were so lucky to have him to love and to love us back. Sweet, Wheetie as he was nicknamed, will always be with us.

2.2 to 2.5


Tisha said...

That pie does look yummy. I love how our precious pets leave the paw prints on our hearts.

Elizabeth Howard said...

So sorry to hear about Wheetie! But I do look forward to the pie recipe. Hard to go wrong with chocolate.