on holiday

Waking up to a new year this morning did not feel like a new year at all.

I'm not quite ready to cheerfully greet 2012.

Along with all of the wonderfulness of the holiday, and it was amazingly full of family, love, warmth, laughter, pajama days and Disneyland all wrapped up in a bow under twinkly lights...

Our family has lost one kitty, dear Kiki who was nineteen years old and quite the little lady. Then just yesterday we found out heartbreaking news about sweet Wheetie...Mom's love, her orange and white
boy who was dreamed of long before we heard his purr and Mom nuzzled his pink nose.

So 2012 is here, and with quivering hearts we begin.

12.24 to 1.1.12


pasqueflower said...

Very, very sad to hear of the loss of your dear pet.

Lostlemonade said...

So sorry that you have lost one sweet kitty. I hope your new year brings some happiness as the days go on.

keepingitindie said...

What a terrible time of year to loose a loved pet - well - anytime is bad but the holidays are the worst. My heart goes out to you and your family.

Brandi - Keeping It Indie
via Etsy Blog Team

Amithigirl said...

Very sad, and I am sorry for your loss.

Stacey said...

Mom's kitty Wheetie is enjoying his time with her each day, sunning and still eating for now. I appreciate your kind thoughts, thank you.

Candace said...

Sorry about the loss of your kitty. Sending blessings to Wheetie and your Dear Mom.