Aunt Chris, Uncle Tim, cousins Timmy and Missy 1973

Kadee and Aunt Chris on our moving day 1981

Today is my sweet and beautiful Aunt Chris' birthday. Just to hear her voice and giggle makes my heart sing. Her love is generous and warm, if you are lucky enough to be in her life you know you are loved. When we travel to Pennsylvania we sleep in her home and it feels like home. She even has Little Debbies and Hank's peanut butter frozen custard for you if you let her know you are coming for a visit. 

Happy Birthday Aunt Chris, I hope you had a wonderful day! I love and miss you oh so very much! xo


Mom said...

I'll second that! She is truly a joy and I love her very very much! Not only a sister-in-law; a wonderful friend for forty three years!

Duni said...

What a sweet post :)
Happy Birthday to your lovely Aunt!!!
btw, it was my birthday yesterday :)

Stacey said...

happy birthday Duni :)