I got an iPhone.
Please tell me your favorite apps, right now I only have instagram.

(Thank you Mom + Dad. Not only am I another year older but my whole world was different when I woke up this morning. xo)


Tsuki aka LittleGrayFox said...

ooh congrats! instagram is a great place to start!

I also love hipstamatic (you can order prints thru the app)

and postalpix to order prints of your instagram photos

angry birds (naturally!)

and wordswithfriends :)

Meeling said...

How fun!

epicurious...awesome for recipes...even makes a shopping list for you while at the market...one of my faves

soundhound...can't remember the name/artist of the song on the radio...just tap the button and it lets you know.

Marilyn (Pulp Sushi) said...

you *NEED* to get Pixlromatic. I think I enjoy it more than Instagram. :)

ana said...

congrats! :D i'm a list making dork, i really like evernote (it will sync with your computer and many other devices). so pretty in white.

David Adam Edelstein said...

I forgot to mention until I was using it this morning - I think camera plus is essential for photographers. It's much more responsive than the iPhone's native camera app - you can actually shoot a few frames a second if need be (like my cavorting daughter this morning.)

I usually shoot in Cam+ and then import into whatever photo app I want to use.