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                                                                          german chocolate birthday cake

This morning I took a walk with Dad and Hermie. I asked Dad about today, the day my older sister, the firstborn came into the world...her birthday!

Dad was in the Navy at the time and heard by telegram. He said he was so happy and excited to meet her
and shared his news with his Navy buddies. I like imagining Dad the day he found out he was a father. He would have to wait several months before he met his redheaded sweet perfectly beautiful baby.

Luckily Mom had dear friends to be with her while she settled into being a new mom. Most of Pam's early baby photos have sweet notes and dates written on the back from Mom to Dad. She would take pictures of Pam napping, stretching, napping some more...and send them to Dad.

Thinking about Mom capturing sweet newborn moments and tucking them into envelopes sealed with love makes me happy and teary-eyed at the same time. 
Tonight all of us were under one roof, just as we once lived so long ago. I took a few polaroids and as they developed Mom wondered aloud where the time had gone, how did it go by so fast...


I don't know, but it just keeps going faster and faster.
Sometimes I just need it to slow down so I can soak it all in, before it is gone.

Happy Birthday Pam!!! xoxo



Sher said...

Thanks for sharing this great story and these nice old photos. I love the bugs on the cake and the plate. So cute!

Don said...

You do great photography! Thanks for sharing the birthday of your sister and your family life!


ana said...

aw. what a great birthday story. & that cake is amazing! agh!!