my dad

Three days. 
Summer lovin'...warm humid morning air, then it feels like summer for real.

Dad's three birthday celebrations... (since we couldn't all get together on one day). This year it was with a mocha ice cream cake, an afternoon walk, Five Guys and lots of love. Dad is truly the very best dad, he could be celebrated every single day. When Dad was little he dreamed of raising baby skunks. I think if he could he would have an owl, skunk, crow and Hermie farm today. xo

Comic Con...it has grown way beyond the comics, we are so lucky to have it in San Diego. I saw stars (yay!) and costumes, parades, art, and people everywhere, too many really...by the end of the day they are just annoying, ha ha. 

{7.21 to 7.23}


Dawn said...

Love your captures...
and yay for family time!
It's funny...what starts off as enjoyable and entertaining can yes- often become something we want to hide form.
Too much of a good thing....;))

Retro Junction said...

Happy birthday to your Dad!

Emily Ford said...

Great Pictures! I do believe Im falling in love with the photos you take. Always up for more!

Sean and Jenny said...

Do you realize it's the second of August??? It's been too long! Where's my beauty infusion??
<3 Selfish in Texas

Stacey said...

Yes, I was away for two weeks traveling!! Will be posting very soon.


Sean and Jenny said...

And welcome back!

Sean and Jenny said...

And welcome back!