field day

I've been looking for this dreamy place to photograph for quite some time . . . and then there it was.
With three willing participants (their beautiful mom was there, too) we ventured out into the unknown
in our socks, sneakers and boots. No wild beasts or tiny ticks were found (thank goodness) and when
I came home I was literally smiling the whole time as I did the initial browsing of the day's images.
These two cuties have been my subjects for many years...I think the year I officially decided to start my business she was only crawling, I remember because there was an amazing one with her in a purple
sunhat at the beach.

My best friend from fifth grade is the lucky mom, she gets to tuck them in, listen to their secrets, hold frightened hands, remember what they may forget, breathe in their sweetness and see herself in them.
That's my dear friend's smile in the hugging one, I saw it the second I snapped it.

It is an amazing gift to photograph someone's heart...

Whilst in the field I felt inspired to find a big flowery well-loved quilt for shoots, the plaid one I have is
good for fall and winter, but it is time to get a spring summer one.
Which led me to have a few ideas working around quilts...still figuring those out but in the meantime I spent some time with these ones at my Mom's. The square patched one was made by Mom's grandma, some of the pieces are from my mom's childhood clothing.
 Bummie...a little cross-eyed and a lot cute, Dad's kitty

This afternoon in the sunlight soaked room she pointed out the purple and blue ones, those were hers.
We remembered all the kitties who've slept on this quilt and how wonderful it is in its tattered condition.

{6.30 to 7.01}


SleightGirl said...

Those pictures are so great! They look like they should be in a magazine!


Stacey said...

thank you!!

Candace said...

You are amazing!!! You have captured something very special in these photo's!

Miz.November said...

I don't even know those kids, but that photo shoot had me grinning from ear to ear. What darling subjects. There is something about a big brother/little sister relationship that is always special.

YouknowSesay said...

Great work!


theolivetree said...

wow! amazing work...got a little teary eyed when you talked about your friend knowing all there secrets...

Julie said...

How beautiful, Stacey! And what a couple of cuties!