Happy Birthday to my sister Kadee! She is preparing for a big exam that medical students take between their second and third year, it is pretty serious because she has taken a vow of studying until the big test. We get to see her if we bring Sprinkles cupcakes or offer to do the dishes.

Her life is about to change in a big way, not just because she is going to begin that third year toward doctorhood but because she's getting one of these tonight!
Kadee collects quotes the way some may collect seashells or buttons. They are on her fridge, shelves, mirrors, computer desktop, inside books, under the bed...this one was on the back of driving directions she wrote out for me one day, then later she wondered why I had her quote on my fridge.

Well, I found it inspiring for one but more importantly because I had a little bit of her right there with me everyday when I go to get my orange juice and I love that.

After a long day of studying we get to celebrate with her! We will eat tuna and noodles, sing, eat chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, watch her open presents, maybe go in the spa...wrap her up in comfort before she must leave to sleep then study some more.

Oh how I love her. 


Kristan said...

Love the dinos, love the quote!

knack said...

I hope you all had a wonderful time together....it sounds wonderful!

Love the dino photos with the little banners......so great!


ana said...

i loved everything about this post. it even made me a bit teary. my sis's birthday was this past fri, we celebrated yesterday - also during a study break for her (she's an RN, in the midst of critical care training). sigh. sisters are lovely.

happy birthday to yours! hope it was fabulous.

Sarah Knight said...

Happy birthday to your sis! And best of luck on her exams!
: )

kadee said...

<3 shy dino

cabin + cub said...

Oh I hope she has a Happy Birthday! Little Jasper's birthday was just one day later. ;)
Cute dinos!