Yesterday I watched my nephew walk across the stage with his fellow eighth graders as he went through the ceremony of being promoted to high school. He was fresh faced and just as sweet as ever with newly pierced ears and a shy smile.
He'll be playing at the local fair in a few weeks with his band and practicing lacrosse all summer long. If only he knew how very special this time is between middle school and high school, if only one could capture in a jar the carefreeness and confidence that radiates from a fourteen year old.
There is no hurry to grow up, be patient, savor the comfort of your family and friends. It is a brief moment and you'll have plenty of time to drive, go to college, work and become who you always dreamt you'd be.june1711_4
Later I thought my own eighth grade promotion, I remember the adorable blue Guess dress I wore, the carnations each of us received from the principal, how happy I felt and having lunch with my family at a
local Italian restaurant. Oh to have that summer back...three months when time stopped.

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Alison said...

Your cat looks really cute, and the cookie looks delicious!

Folklure said...

such a sweet post- your words are too true


Miz.November said...

I was just telling a friend's daughter the other day that middle school was the best time of my educational career. Its too bad that most kids are so eager to be "older" that they miss out on such a wonderful time.