home sweet home

the cute towel that dried my hands after a tuna sandwich and pickle for lunch

the yellow stool with painted pears that I stand on when I need to be a little taller to take shop photos

Today I worked on custom orders of garlands...one order is traveling to Venice for a wedding on a bridge and the other to decorate a birthday party in the UK...I thought about tucking myself in the envelopes, too.


OnePerfectDay said...

I loved those garlands!
I can picture it! A wedding on a bridge in Venice with those beautiful garlands fluttering in the breeze...
If they send you pictures, please share!

Meeling said...

Cute towel!!

Is there room for me in the envelope too...I wanna to go back to Venice...awesome city!

Miz.November said...

How cool to know where your garlands are going and what they will be used for. I don't blame you for wanting to go along.

that tea towel is darling.

theolivetree said...

Lovely garlands!