sweet + salty

Sunday morning lemon curd, it was very easy to make thanks to this recipe.

I thought it would be perfect on top of and in between blueberry pancakes. It was perfect.

Saturday's clean kale waiting to be crisped in the oven...

A little olive oil and sea salt later and the kale chips were ready.
I think I could honestly eat them every single day!

What did your weekend taste like?

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Nicole said...

Looks like a very tasty weekend indeed.

nicole said...

i love kale sauteed with pine nuts and balsamic vinegar... never tried kale chips!

Miz.November said...

I keep seeing these kale chips everywhere. Obviously I need to try them. My tattoo artist was just saying this week that he eats kale pancakes all the time! I can't imagine!
But I do love the looks of that lemon curd.

Betsey said...

oh, yum, lemon curd is so good! these photos are really pretty!

knack said...

ok, the pancakes look amazing! I could totally eat those....

...now the kale chips are a new one for me ....they look so inviting...and I know I should eat them rather than regular chips:) baby steps!