the single flip flop that sat in the middle of the kitchen was a smooshed spider, left for Case

Spider season. Two spiders under flip flops in two days, then this beauty in the jasmine this morning. A yellow garden spider moved in. She is harmless besides the restless sleeps she causes with her creepy long legs and big round fat body, crawling into dreams and lurking into thoughts...but yes, otherwise harmless. She makes sacks of babies in the night and is very picky about her mates, she recycles her web and has a creative spark with her zig zag seams made from silk. I like her just as she is, outside.

something else beautiful for your saturday...the wilderness downtown

p.s. she eats bugs


Tali Schiffer said...

Holy moly, I could never leave with the knowing of spiders in my environment! Even if they're harmless! I am sooooo scared of crawlers!

kadee said...

She's like the Lady Gaga of spiders.

Laura K. Aiken said...

These spiders make the most incredible webs, don't they! I love that you got an upclose photo of the zigzag I have take several photos of this spider but never as good as yours.
Enjoyed your blog
(found your blog through Knack)

Saltina said...

She's super creepy, but I think I like her.