summer love august0410_2 Recently I have fallen in love with two clever brothers, The Neistat Brothers. They are beyond creative. While watching their episodes on HBO I want to jump off the couch and make things, film my life, make words out of paperclips and tape and anything I have handy...then another part of me feels overwhelmed by all I want to create, like my brain is a messy overstuffed notebook that I need to take time to sift through. If you haven't seen them yet, find them and watch and prepare to be inspired.
On another note, other things I'm loving this summer...the color of the sky as the afternoon grows long, the small garden that produced three green beans to go with last night's dinner, very early walks with Hermie when we walk through clouds that have settled into the neighborhoods before everyone else begins their day and sleeping over at Kadee's while she is on summer break from school, we watch movies and eat frozen yogurt...it is absolutely wonderful.


erin said...

yes. i have been captivated by these greens and blues, too.

cindy said...

i love the show and agree that it makes me want to make something. it's fun how the recreate the intro for each episode. your summers sounds lovely. enjoy your weekend!

knack said...

i have never heard of them, but will definitely check them out! thank you for the intro! :)


Dawn said...

I just came across your blog thru my cuz Dee's blog...(our little love nest).
I love this!!!!!! You have amazing photos...and I love the blue too:) I just posted blue skies the other day:)
Happy weekend to you...i will visit again...and again:)