last bites...
{matcha green tea kit kat and lemon birthday cake 8.23}
on sunday
our walk took us by a cemetery plot piled high with pastel flowers, doves, ribbons and banners... tears, love and sadness... {8.22}
love + family
beach + pringles
polaroids + flip
kitties + cake
star candles + a wish
singing + presents
a beautiful birthday!


Amber Rose said...

Whooaaa! Never seen a green kit kat!!

The photos are cute :)

Diana said...

How are those matcha green tea kit kats? I've never seen them before.

Lovely photos, as always!

PonderandStitch said...

yay for birthdays!

I have never seen or heard of those kit kats- they look awesome!

Dawn said...

This looks like an amazing day!!!!
(Can you let us all know where to find those Kit Kats:)

Beautiful photos...they told a Perfect Story!


Stacey said...

The Kit Kats are a limited edition treat from Japan. Case's friend's mom sent them over. Some people are selling them on Ebay though or select online markets may have them. :)

Emily said...

Green kitkats... hmmm interesting!

knack said...

i have never seen green kit kats before!!! they are so pretty! i'm going to have to try one:)

so glad it was a beautiful weekend....your family is refreshing...:)


our little love nest said...

Yum to the green tea kitkat and the lemon birthday cake!
The polaroids of you and your family are so adorable. You are just beautiful. Wishing you a week full of happiness! xo

Tali Schiffer said...

There's green tea Kit Kat?? Where? How do I get my hands on one??
You guys look like such a fun family! Love those silly photos!

Christine Peh (Remember December) said...

Oh, I LOVE kit kat!!
Had no idea that had it in macha flavour :)

Found your blog from the Etsy forums, btw!