beautiful august1310_1 august1210_1 august1310_2 august twelfth was our fifth anniversary as married people, we drove over a bridge to a lush island, took photographs, ate sandwiches, rode bikes and took photographs while riding bikes...it was a blue sky, hearts in the sand with rainbow sprinkles on top sort of day ♡ {8.12 to 8.13}


erin said...

happy, happy! looks like a perfect kind of day!

Dawn said...

oh Congratulations~~~
It looks like it was a Wonderful Day!
Happy wishes for another blissful 5 years, and then 5 more, and 5 mor.....:))

Miz.November said...

Oh my gosh. How sweet. Love the heart hands photo. And the grasses up top look like sparklers.
Congrats to you!

Tali Schiffer said...

Oh those are so precious! I can totally feel how happy and in love you are together just from these few photos!

our little love nest said...

Those photos are incredible! It looks like a perfectly sweet day! Happy very belated anniversary! xo