a tiny
slice of cake for breakfast
baked to celebrate exciting news at work for Case
composed of bananas, cream cheese and white chocolate
made with love and sugar
{6.15 to 6.16}


Stephanie said...

The cake looks great, and the photos are lovely (as usual!)

nothing better than bananas in baking

our little love nest said...

Beautifully captured! I love your little stolen moments via photographs...they are a delicious little pieces of life that keep me feeling full of hope and joy! xo
p.s. Full of hope that I will get to come over for a piece of that cake that is! ;o)

Anonymous said...

That cake sounds divine! Love your photos as well :)

PonderandStitch said...

So beautiful!! Of course, I've never seen anything you post be otherwise.. and that cakes sound sooo good (and I'm not even a cake person! I'd take pie over cake any day).

knack said...

i love, love your sweet plate with the little flowers.....i want to make a cake stand out of it:)

as always your photos are wonderful......and what a great way to start the day....with cake!