freesiaology may1110_1c the study of fragrant flowers with petals dusted in fine glitter, from the fairies no doubt


Sarah Knight said...

Those photos look wonderful. Love the vibrant colors!
: )

our little love nest said...

I love the pink sugary looking blossoms against that awesome green! Thank you for the lovely package. Bella and I are over the moon today with happiness! Your butterflies are just plain wonderful!! xo

Lis said...

I want to live in these colors!

Mother Nature does it best - but you capture the radiance and richness beautifully!

Miz.November said...

*I could study those petals all day long. *I love the photos below, that you took of that adorable family. I wish I could take pics like that. *And the pics of you and your family are so sweet.

knack said...

wow! these are gorgeous!

thanks for your sweet comment about my little niece today....she is a hoot :)

have a great night!


cabin + cub said...

ooooh pretty! love the intense colours! ;)