outside march2110_1 the yards are mowed
there is weeding to be done
patios to enjoy
seeds to plant
dinners to grill
shorts to wear
ah...the first weekend of spring


Andie said...

Shorts?! Weeding?! SEEDS??

You're so lucky to live somewhere warmer. No planting for a bit more here, and it's rather too early for shorts. Sigh.

our little love nest said...

I am loving Spring too!! I just wish it was shorts weather here too and that I had a cookie from that wonderful looking blue bowl. xo

M.M.E. said...

So jealous! Here there are still snowboots to wear. Those cookies look good though!

Miz.November said...

Isn't spring wonderful?! Its getting cold here again. But we have had a few good days of "outside" weather.