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Sunday afternoon at the Hillcrest Farmers' Market, gorgeous strawberries (in February!) came home too, but they were in the 'fridge already.
...... february2010_1
Oh my, individual Blueberry Coffecakes with Cinnamon Crumbs, made a batch for Mom to take to an event. They disappeared quickly, and a few people inquired if I had a bakery . . . sometimes I do dream of having my very own bakery.
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knit, knit, knit...Olympic watching, Hermie snuggling, rain listening
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Dyche Designs said...

Love all of those, especially the blueberry coffee cake (yum).

californiablue said...

Strawberries in February! I'm so jealous :) I just purchased some seeds to grow some of the French mini wild strawberries - I'm very excited!

our little love nest said...

Your photography seriously makes me smile like a cheshire cat each day!! I love the photo of your knitting so much and I think if I was your mom that cake would have been gone before I got to the event! xoxo

cabin + cub said...

Mmm. that cake looks very yummy. Oh how wonderful if you had a bakery!.. which of course would have to have a gallery space for all your awesome photos too. ;)

Chelsea said...

Beautiful photos, beautiful blog! I'll definitely be back here again! Thanks for sharing all these stunning shots with us. Found you through the Etsy blog love thread!