shades of burgandy orangish red... november2209_1 Findings from this morning's walk, too pretty to just leave behind. {11.22}
...... november2109_1 Hermie...pure cuteness, everyday...this is his Saturday face. {11.21}
...... november2009_1november2009_2 peek-a-boo!
A cozy for my kitchenaid, sometimes it gets chilly (or dusty). I was so happy to find twilltape on Etsy, she let me choose the main fabric and then did her magic, it is gorgeous!!! {11.20}


Tali Schiffer said...

as always, love the photos! The colors of what you've found on your walk are just gorgeous! And that photo of Hermie is too cute!

Christine said...

Aww cute puppy. And I love love love your Kitchenaid cozy! The fabric is adorable.

♥ xtine

cabin + cub said...

i was jealous of your kitchen aid mixer, but now i am also jealous of the cozy.. how cute is that fabric!

Hightower Botanicals said...

Your photographs are amazing!!!
Great all around.
What kind of camera do you have?