rainbow sprinkles
april3009_1 april3009_2
A surprise weekend visit from my sister, Kadee!!
Completion of projects for my show on Sat + Sun.
Case brought home Peterson's Donuts for dessert.
1000 people have hearted me on Etsy.
I was featured on Mindy's blog.


Stephanie Kim said...

DELICIOUS! its currently 2 in the morning and im legit craving a cupcake!!

Jasmine said...

congratulations! that's so exciting! you definitely deserved donuts (rainbow sprinkles are the best). these photos are gorgeous.

of course.

Glitzer said...

Congrats on the hearts!!! Amazing! I probably only have 10% of what you have ;o)! Anyway.. these donuts look totally gorgeous! Yummy!

Debs Crochet said...

Looks yummy!

our little love nest said...

Wanting those donuts for breakfast! I am so happy for you! It sounds like you are having a perfect ending to a week! You deserve it!xo

Julie said...

Oh, yum! Have a lovely weekend with yur sister.

Estela said...

yum those look so good!
Congrats on the 1000 hearts!!! That's amazing!!

erin said...

yum!!! happy sister weekend!

mrs boo radley said...

Yuuuuuuuuum, yum yum yum yum yum. Yum. Did you save one for me?