eyes on the road
spt...on my way to the post office to ship a print and a few other errands, this picture seems to be from a completely different day, hours later now, the sky is gray and rain has arrived. Looks like a nice evening to make pizza, cupcakes and read. I finished Water for Elephants and am starting Watchmen, curious to see how I like it, not a book I would've picked up on my own, Case loved it, so here goes. 


Estela said...

you're so gorgeous!

Paper Lady Invites said...

Nice to see a photo of you!
Interesting, my Mike wanted me to start reading the Watchmen too. He says its amazing and I need to read it before the movie.

Let me know what you think of it! I'll be starting next week.


Anonymous said...

hmm. Seems to me you have another book to read that someone recommended.. what could be the hold up on that...