flora + films     2.7 to 2.8
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As you can see we got some rain in Southern California this weekend, everything sparkles and looks brighter. I brought home some pods bursting with red berries and ones that look like they're holding a tiny brain inside. I picked up a new item to photograph, I found it at an antique show my mom and her friends participated in, looking forward to working on new projects. Case and I saw Coraline and Waltz with Bashir, both were excellent. Coraline is visually amazing, especially the miniature knitter who knitted the tiniest sweaters and gloves out of needles and thread for the character to wear (can you believe that?!).


Almay Alday said...

Love the raindrops! They look like glass jewelry! Great photos!

Light and Writing said...

These are beautiful! I can smell the rain!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Stacey, glad you liked it. Hey you have some really awesome photographs in here, very inspirational.. I will visit you again!
Have a good week

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos.

Anonymous said...

The amount of detail you got out of those water droplets is amazing.