After a long day out of running errands and eating only tangerines I realized once I got home that I'd lost my comfy cotton scarf. Along the way I did see all sorts of things I wanted like the crazily adorable red-orange coat (I have actually seen this before and wonder if I will still love it the same the next time I see it, and I do) at Anthropologie and the sweater  at Free People and the  Moleskin planner at Paper Source, maybe I will find one of them just lying in a parking lot somewhere, as I imagine my scarf was found...hope it went to a lovely home. 


Jen said...

I wish I could just buy everything I love in anthroplogie. I lost my scarf for a couple days and found it was stuffed behind something in our home.

Kim S. said...

Great Photography throughout your blog and enjoyable reading too! I hope your scarf went to a lovely home too! You might find another at http://northshoreclay.etsy.com Good Luck and thanks for posting when I was in need of blogs.