christmas wishes     12.22 to 12.24
Merry Christmas!! Some images from the past few days which have been full of merriment and fa la la la laing... exchanging gifts, walking downtown, kitties enjoying their kitty grass (early gift), dinners out, knitting, movie watching, baked goods from friends (thank you Carrie & Rachel), hot chocolate and packages arriving in the mail just in time! 


Cut Copy Create said...

same to you! merry Christmas!

Paper Lady Invites said...

Merry Christmas! I always love to stop by your blog to check out your beautiful photos! I LOVE your work.


SecretMe said...

lovely xmas photos! thanks

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Eve!

Love you guys
The Bronsons

afiori said...

Merry Christmas!!!
Those leaves are so beautiful, are they real? Lovely collage.

Maria-Thérèse ♥ www.afiori.com

:::ZebraLilly::: said...

Merry Christmas! Your photography is so beautiful!

Estela said...

lovely photos!!

Kiiss said...

Wow...I really love your blog. But why didnt you add the feature that your reader can follow/bookmark your blog?


Kiiss from Etsy.

p/s: I hearted your shop too. :)