don't open 'til christmas
Today is cloudy with a touch of rain and earlier all the kitties were sleeping so I thought it would be a good time to take a picture of a Christmas gift I purchased for them from Stelabird. It is a catnip donut! As you can see from the photos Tiny Dancer was awakened by the catnip and snuck in while I was taking the pictures. In fact, all the kitties were awake and milling around me by the time I was done. So now I have hidden it away for Christmas morning. 
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Estela said...

That's hilarious!!
I love tiny dancer being sneaky in the corner!! So cute!
Thanks for posting about it!!

afiori said...

Super cute stuff! LOL - for some reason I didn't think it was a real cat at first but a PICTURE of your cat?! I'm so tired. We need sleep.

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april said...

Great blog you have here! Want to swap links?

Grace said...

That is so cute! And what an awesome little package with that handmade note!

Amy said...

Hi Stacey,

Your blog is great...as are your wonderful photographs! That second picture with Tiny Dancer sneaking up in the background is so cute.

Thanks so much for your Moyou purchase & mention of the EstaSketch blog. That was such a lovely find as well! From there, I wound my way back here (don't you just love blog-land!!) I'll certainly be back to visit.

Thanks again,
Amy x.

buttonkitty said...

oh my! the kitty peeking in trying to snag the catnip donut is awesome!! :D i may need to get one of these for my fat cat.

Paper Girl Productions said...

a catnip donut!! how adorable!!

Fatally Cute said...

Stelabird's craft are so great. I see a little bad kitty sneaking in too. Cute!