The mailman delivered a very adorable postcard from
an adorable someone.
Today I remember where I was seven years ago, waking
up at a hotel next to Disneyland with plans to return to
the shops and have breakfast. Seeing on the news what
had happened, but not making any sense of it. Disneyland
among other prominent public places was closed. I saw
from my window families heading towards the park with
strollers, mouse ears and excitement and realized they
had not seen the morning news, they didn't know what
had happened, yet.


Jennifer said...

cute postcard! I just bought a journal from boygirlparty yesterday. I love Susie's illustrations.

as for Applesacs - I love my first one! it's definitely an awesome laptop sleeve. I didn't really need another, but the Amy Butler one was just too cute to resist. I'm quite sure your Mac would love one too. :)

Betsy's girl said...

wow... that is the perfect visual of the moment before innocence lost, not knowing yet, mickey mouse ears and all. I don't really remember not knowing yet.