pretty in pink
My Great Aunt Betty celebrated her 8oth birthday today. She was curious about the photo on the cake, so she just put her finger on it and was so delighted and a bit surprised when it turned out to be frosting. She was presented with a beautiful scrapbook put together by one of her daughters and at the end was something Aunt Betty had written about her earliest memories. I found it so sweet I shared an excerpt below. 
...but I remember when I got close to home I knew that I was going the right way, because I saw my mom standing on the back porch washing her hair in the rain water. She was singing, that meant she was happy. 


Jan said...

What a sweet photo, Stacey! I love all the photos in your blog, BTW!

avrilloreti said...

I love this photo! Your Great Aunt looks like a great person to know!