august3109_1 august2809_2 august2909_1 august3009_1 the last days of August, scattered, busy, too few, too fast . . . gone
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8.28 to 8.31


an ode to summer august26&2709_1 long
*8.26 to 8.27


brown august2509_1 mocha, chestnut, bronze, tan, chocolate, dust, mahogany, toast, cocoa, amber, ginger


love at first sight august2409_2 8.24..Today I unpacked my new mixer (thank you, Mom and Dad!). I was taken aback by tremendous joy when I opened it on my birthday, so much so that I cried a little, it felt strange to shed tears of happiness for a mixer... but I love to bake, it wasn't something I was expecting at all, it is the most gorgeous of colors, and Mom and Dad just knew the perfect gift.
l.a. heat losangelesaugust09_1 minimarketla_1 8.23..Sunday in Los Angeles at the Mini Market sharing a booth with the lovely Sasha Bell, plus Mom and Kadee helped with everything (thank you!!). It was a day of meeting wonderful people, both customers and artists and trying out some new items. The day was a hot one, I could've taken three showers when I got home, but I only had the energy for one and that would've been a waste of water anyways.
up all night august2209_1 8.22..No matter how much I think I have done I am always up til the wee hours the night before a show, tonight was no exception...new items being created for the Unique Mini-Market, soon to be added to the shop for fall.


the birthday girl august2109birthdaypost_2 august21birthdaypost_1 Happily celebrating this wonderful day all about me!
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Going to get creative with some just-plucked-from-the-garden japanese eggplants.
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baby bird love
The eggs have hatched!
I have been peeking and snapping images here and there, feeling a bit like a dove paparazzi...being so careful not to frighten them.
Looks like two healthy new squabs...maybe three, the mama sits on them often and it is difficult to distinguish between the feathers, beaks and heads.
They are wonderful, beautiful and delicate, they blink their tiny eyes into the sun and sleep snuggled tightly together.
Today the hanging basket they are nesting in was swaying softly in the breeze, I think they picked the perfect home.



craving autumn
It may have been the chilly morning air, or the back-to-school commercials, the blog I read yesterday about preparing for the holiday season, or the plaid coat I fell in love with in the magazine I was reading...despite the fact that it is summer, and the sun is clearly warming up outside, I couldn't help myself from enjoying a warm bowl of quinoa with brown sugar and dried cranberries, just a glimpse of the season yet to come.


. . . staceynap, hermienap, lots of snoozing going on around here this afternoon


Four years ago, today, on a cloudy morning, I wore a pink dress on a grassy cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean and looked into Case's beautiful eyes and held his sweet hands, surrounded by our families, as his lifelong friend officiated our promises to one another.


8.11.......a celebration of Laguna Beach artists, some of my favorites here and here.
atop a mountain august07to1009_3 august07to1009_2 august07to1009_1
8.7 to 8.10....A six hour road trip and Case and I arrived at his childhood vacation home in Mammoth Lakes. Four days...beginnning with p0wer lines, desert beauty, volcanic rocks, cows, hikes, sky, fresh air, wild flowers, wind, patches of snow, waterfalls, family, peanut butter pie, lakes, sunscreen, fishing, ducks, sunshine, puffy clouds, trail mix, deer, ice cold water, fruit smoothies, bald eagles, a 2.75 lb trout, pine trees, ice cream, and ending with gorgeous mountain memories.


thursday + wednesday
8.6....Children's artwork is the very best, especially when they draw a picture of you with long pink hair.
...... august0509_1
8.5....Above, a picture of my friend and booth neighbor at the farmers' market, Candace Wright. She makes gorgeous pieces of jewelry combining stones, silver, and leather in organic graceful designs. Her creations are inspired by sunsets, gardens and all the natural beauty she encounters, you can visit her new Etsy shop, here, and find a piece that sings to you.
A new vendor at the market, and one that I hope will be back often, makes these delectable, golden, salted, sweet delights....mmmm!


welcome, august
8.3....While I was waiting to catch a glimpse of the baby doves that may or may not have hatched, Hermie perched himself next to me and enjoyed the view.
... august0209_1
8.2....An annual tradition, the Del Mar Races in August to celebrate my friend, Julie's, birthday. Money was spent, money was won, and pistachio ice cream was enjoyed, a lovely day from beginning to end.
... august0109_1
8.1....Case and I babysat our nephews for an overnighter...it was a little less than twenty four hours of playtime, diapers, bumped heads, cartoons, superheroes, snacks, snacks all over the floor, nap time, walking to the park, chicken tenders in the shape of dinosaurs, baths, snuggles, bedtime stories, bottles, and the sweetest smiles as the sun came up.