oh so early
The sun was bursting through the windows in the late afternoon today, normally I don't like it and wish for a rain storm but in this moment I appreciated the beauty of the bright harsh sunlight. 


mmmmm...I made Mango Berry Pie today, with a coconut almond crispy top. It looked so good I had to have a piece as soon as it had cooled enough.  I am trying out this curry recipe for the first time, too, a nice lady at the yarn shop recommended it. I think it must be that Top Chef is on tonight, makes me want to try out new recipes. 


into view     1.26 to 1.27
Started a new book today, Water for Elephants, I've read 27 pages into it so far.                  
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blue skies      1.24 to 1.25
...and the weekend comes to an end with a few minutes on the computer and the rest of the pistachio ice cream. See you on Monday. 


rain + shine
A long walk with Carrie this morning, we've been walking and talking together since the fifth grade. 


practice        1.21 to 1.22
Hermie met Emily today, she is his new favorite person, he couldn't take his eyes off of her as she drove away. Emily is helping Hermie (+me and Case) so that one day in the future we can be part of a Pet Therapy program, if that doesn't happen though I am prepared to just be happy he is properly trained. This was his first time with formal training and it turns out he is quite smart (as I had hoped) and it might just be possible for him to get certified and share his love with others. Emily brought wisdom and bits of chicken, we were all delighted. So now the practice and homework must be done before we see Emily next week.                                                                                                                    
...been adding new cards to the shop this week, too. 


in motion
Today marks the beginning of a new four years... 
*Above: Sweet Gum Tree seedlings, they are everywhere this time of year as the trees are preparing to usher in Spring!



slow down      1.17 to 1.18
...and the weekend is gone in a blink. 


heart to heart
Something new in the shop, more to follow (different wording and patterns) on Saturday and Sunday at the sample sale price.  


what's for dinner?
Tonight's menu included vegetable lasagna, I even replaced the noodles with sliced eggplant (inspired by Rachel Ray and gluten free recipes) and an apple crumble with some of my own modifications (quinoa instead of oats, added coconut and substituted chopped pecans).  All the time in the kitchen was worth it, soooo delicious!


Started a new book today, Hurry Down Sunshine by Michael Greenberg...am just 67 pages into it, so beautifully written. It's a memoir written from the heart of a father who witnesses his lovely fifteen year old daughter at the moment she begins to go mad, she communicates some of her visions and thoughts to him which are quite thought provoking...
Genius is childhood. We are given it with life, and society drums it out of us before we have a chance to follow the impulses of our naturally creative souls. Einstein, Newton, Mozart, Shakespeare-not one of them was abnormal. They simply found a way to hold on to the gift everyone of us is given, like a door prize, at birth. 


achoo!       1.10 to 1.12
The report is sunny and extremely warm with a stuffy head and flurries of sneezes. Case and I were successful with our mission to see three movies in three days before the Golden Globes, can't wait to see more to prepare for Oscar viewing...with all that running around I picked up a terrible cold, ugh. Looking forward to feeling better now and not carrying around a box of tissues...achoo!!  


sweet tooth
I wasn't having much of my normal sweet tooth this week, but today it came back. I have been savoring these exquisite lavender sea salt caramels (two of my favorites in one) since Christmas...so then there was one.                                                                                                                     
In addition to enjoying some sweets, Case and I are on a mission to see as many movies as we can in three days, which may only be three, not very amazing, but still very rewarding. Last night we saw Milk, and I'm glad I've had a full day to really appreciate it before seeing The Wrestler tonight. Then off to Revolutionary Road tomorrow, and if we had just one more day before the Charger game and Golden Globes (Sunday) I think Frost/Nixon would've made the cut...at least we'll see it before the Oscars. Happy Weekend!


I decided to watch Oprah yesterday even though I haven't really watched her show in a very long time and I am so glad I did. This week is about living your best life and all sorts of experts are on there telling how to do it, but it wasn't one of the experts or Oprah that stuck with me long after I had turned off the tv, moved onto something else and woke up this morning, it was John Diaz, a plane crash survivor. You can go here to read what he said on the show. It is a beautiful thing, no matter what you believe in and how you view spirituality, to live ones life in such a way, that when you leave this world your aura shows the brightness of the life you lived. 


...basking in the sunshine, I could just take pictures of him all day. 


*read at least one book a month...so far two for January!
*keep a reading journal
*focus on developing street photography skills
*embrace simplicity
*take lessons in something entirely new to me 
*be completely in the moment with loved ones
*learn to cook an amazing Indian dinner
*snuggle with kitties + Hermie more than I did in 2008


warm as toast
Hermie has been wanting his own cowl ever since he saw mine, so Kadee knitted this for him with leftover yarn from Case's scarf and hat (I think it is super cute they are going to match when going for walks.) and Hermie loved it. Usually if I put something on him (like a Halloween costume) he fusses to get it off, but he snuggled right up in it. As you can see he can wear it over his ears if it is really chilly.                                                                                                                                                            
*Thank you, Kadee, it is a perfect fit!*


a project
Hermie is a bit under the weather today... so we'll just curl up and do a little knitting and get him feeling better.                      
*The winsome fabric bucket is from Jezze in South Africa, I got one for each sister and Mom (plus one for me, too) to hold Christmas gifts.*


knit hat
Kadee and I ran to the park in the last moments of today's light to get some pictures of her in Case's new knit hat. Maybe Case won't be getting it after all. Haha!                                                                                                                                            
*She loves her cowl from TangentDesigns, too.*


hello, january
Been all through the house organizing, cleaning out, putting away, shredding, writing lists... this first day of January has inspired me to get moving with what needs to be done already! 
*self-portrait thursday pic + the comfy cowl is from TangentDesigns, I met Mindy at the UNIQUE show and haven't stopped wearing it since*