farm to street


Ahh...the gourmet food truck.

San Diego can be a little sleepy sometimes, especially when compared to LA. Years ago when the food trucks were popping up there I so wanted them here in San Diego. Well now it is me who has been a little sleepy, they are here, all around and all you have to do is know their schedule and go.

My sister Pam has the luxury of enjoying the MIHO Gastrotruck on Thursdays by her work. Today the sisters and I met up for lunch. We enjoyed fried green tomato sandwiches and fries on a blanket in the shade and I brought home chocolate chip bacon cookies for later. Yum. Grateful for our little summer afternoon visit.

So then I googled it thinking wouldn't it be a great thing if there was some sort of a site with links to all the San Diego trucks and where they'll be and when...there is, right here at the San Diego Food Trucks website.

In my heart I really want my sister-in-law (Bree!) to open one, she'd be fantastic at running it, coming up with unique ideas and gathering all the right people to make it happen and be amazing. Maybe one of these days, and then I would eat there every chance I got and tell everyone else to do the same.


plum girl

june2712_1 june2512_1 june2412_1 june2612_1 june2312_1 .
Congratulations to Hillery from Handmake My Life, the winner of my summer print giveaway. This afternoon I visited her beautiful blog and shop...looking forward to sending the happy little print her way.

Over the weekend I became the mother of a plum tree. After many Sundays admiring one nearby, my parents dropped a baby one off. Possibly it was the fact that I was considering taking a few as they ripened (that would be terrible but last year so many got wasted on the ground) or that I talked about it every time I saw it. It may be awhile before I have my own fruits to enjoy but I cannot wait!
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june2212_4 june2212_3 wildflowers.

Giveaway for a cheerful summery print, just go here!




june2012_3 Giveaway and shop update! A new print that will be added to the shop tomorrow. Leave a comment below about your summer plans for a chance win this print. june1512_3 june1912_1 june16171820_12 june1412_2june1312_4
The onion and parsley are happily taking over the kitchen while the hydrangea's burst with color more and more each day. Hermie is healing and I am finally back on the computer and working away with inspiration and focus. A new book has been started, I only lost one tomato plant out of the seven varieties, there are cinnamon rolls to be eaten at the fair, gatherings with friends and family, new marshmallow roasters to use and trips to be planned. Happy Summer!

To enter the giveaway leave a comment (and be sure I have a way to contact you) about your summer plans. A winner will be drawn on Wednesday June 27th!

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...in June.

Lately I have been pretty homebound, not complaining at all since it is to care for Hermie after his surgery (notice all the Hermie instagrams, I'm a little obsessed). Plus I just got the Snapster app and like the rainbowy filter very much. He is doing well, had his best day yet today which is probably why I am on the computer after many days away. Feeling a little lighter, not such a pit in my stomach wondering if he is in pain.

In the meantime I've discovered...
...the trailer for Welcome to the Bathtub (just the trailer alone is amazing I cannot wait for the movie)
...that Lena Dunham is fearless and a genius
...knitting in the June feels like a head start on the holiday season
...that some people dip oreos in peanut butter and I need to try this
...the yard needed lots of love, so I've been working on it for days

A list of projects to complete, an Etsy shop to tend to and good days ahead to enjoy. Very much looking forward to starting summer. 

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kadee doo

My little sister Kadee celebrated her birthday on Sunday even though the birthday is really today. Since becoming a medical student one of the first things to go is being in control of your own time. After a wonderful dinner and gifts and cake and big candles to make wishes with she told us that it felt just like her birthday. Along with the uncertainty of her time is the uncertainty of where she'll be in the future. Her fourth year is upon her in a matter of weeks and with that comes travel, interviewing and preparing for residency which could take her anywhere. Is it so terrible that I would like to keep her with me forever? I am constantly aware of how very precious each moment is with her, with all of us together. It was a very happy birthday for so many reasons. Happy Birthday Dear Kadee!! xoxo

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itty bitty

Mom told me this morning it looked like the hummingbirds were going to fly soon. Within moments of capturing this image, baby bird took flight for the first time.

Lucky me to have had my camera ready and witness his big day.


the goods

may3112_1 may3012_1june0112_1
June already?

While Hermie is healing I find myself baking, and baking some more. Then packaging up the goodness to share. It keeps me busy and calms my nerves. A batch of chocolate chip cookies, one banana cake with chocolate cream cheese frosting, two fresh strawberry pies and three dozen rosemary lemon cookies later...

Tonight it might be banana hand pies...they've been on my mind since our trip to Singapore.

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